Saturday, June 4, 2016

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Finding massive success after leaving his rap group comprised of his more gifted childhood friends and going solo, a hip-hop mega-star's (Andy Samberg) career faces oblivion when his sophomore album tanks following a catastrophic marketing decision and the addition of a psychotic, prank happy rapper to his tour. Popstar, a music industry mockumentary written, directed and starring members of The Lonely Island, takes aim at easy targets and is the kind of stupid, diverting comedy you watch with a bemused smile on your face while hoping it would somehow be just a little bit funnier. It feels long for a short movie, loses focus after awhile, doesn't know when to leave good enough alone, and isn't always served by its endless celebrity role call. Sporadically funny with several hysterical sequences. Will Arnett and Bill Hader stand out in cameo spots. Tim Meadows is pretty great too playing Samberg's manager.
** 1/2 out of ****