Sunday, May 15, 2016

Money Monster

A punk-sore degenerate (Jack O'Connell) storms the set of a popular weekly finance show, taking its flamboyant and arrogant host hostage (George Clooney) on air while demanding answers for the bad stock tip that relieved him of his savings. Money Monster is a preachy, dumb, cliched mess that feels like every "live on TV hostage situation" thriller ever produced meshed with the latest blame Wall Street tripe that has been in demand lately, all served up on a feckless platter with a confused denouement for desert. Jodie Foster is probably the wrong person to direct this material, Julia Roberts, playing the show's director, is her usual insufferable, know-it-all self, and Clooney does what he can with more subpar "socially conscious" material which he again opted to produce with work partner Grant Heslov. O'Connell quickly wears out his welcome and (final gripe) why does Hollywood continually cast Brits to play distinctly American roles, especially when they aren't up to the task.
* 1/2 out of ****