Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Antonio Salieri (F.Murray Abraham), former court composer for Emperor Joseph II (Jeffrey Jones) and perfectly average musician, broods in madness, jealousy, and despair in a Viennese asylum as he recounts the buffoonish, divinely talented Mozart (Tom Hulce) and the mysterious rumors surrounding his premature demise. Amadeus is a consummate composition combining outstanding direction from Milos Forman, brilliant writing from Peter Shaffer (adapting his hit play), haunting scenery and imagery, deft incorporation of the great composer's work, superlative performances from Abraham and Hulce (offering perfect contrast), and fine supporting work from Jones and Elizabeth Berridge. Yet beyond all its attributes, the film's greatest achievement may be the fact that it is simply fun, perhaps the funniest and most entertaining of all period pieces or historical "nonfiction".
**** out of ****