Friday, October 4, 2013


A medical engineer (Sandra Bullock) is on a repair expedition led by a cocky, seasoned astronaut (George Clooney) when remains from a destroyed satellite collide with their space station leaving them alone in the dark reaches of space. Now their only hope for salvation lies in reaching the abandoned, neighboring Russian spaceport before running out of oxygen. Gravity is another technically masterful film from Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien) replete once more with a series of unbroken, seemingly impossible shots that, especially in the first passage of the film, seem to go on indefinitely. All this is abetted by a remarkable, beautifully emotive, career best performance from Sandra Bullock who (POTENTIAL SPOILER) has an insanely difficult task of carrying most of this film by herself and George Clooney is perfectly believable in a role where he is basically playing himself.