Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Fly

After meeting at a convention, a magazine journalist (Geena Davis) goes home with a scientist (Jeff Goldblum) to get the scoop on his top secret invention which carriers Earth shattering potentials: a teleportation machine that can disassemble living particles from one place before reassembling them in another. After demonstrating his creation on a live baboon, he becomes amorous with his new reporter friend. Soon, convinced of his triumph and carried away by his own zeal, he sends himself through the transporter, not realizing he is being accompanied on his journey by a housefly. The Fly  is gruesome yet intelligent and involving science fiction from David Cronenberg, which features great special effects, an uncompromising ending, fine work from Davis, and a typically obnoxious, but serviceable performance from Goldblum. I also really liked John Getz (Blood Simple) who plays Davis' editor/on again, off again boyfriend.