Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Philip Roth: Unmasked

Born in working class Newark, New Jersey to a home he claimed had virtually no books present in it, Philip Roth would still discover a love of reading and go on to be one of the most acclaimed novelists of our time. Known as an uninhibited Jewish-American author, a label which he disdains, Roth first made a splash on the literary scene with Goodbye, Columbus and completely set it on fire with his lascivious novel Portnoy's Complaint. All part of a career consisting of over thirty novels, which also include works featuring his alter-egos David Kepesh and Nathan Zuckerman. "Philip Roth: Unmasked" is a compelling profile which, besides some commentary from friends and admirers who include Mia Farrow and Jonathan Franzen, consists exclusively of Roth talking at length about his life and career.