Monday, January 7, 2013

The Hour

Season 2
Freddie returns from his lengthy sabbatical with a Parisian bride in tow, much to Bel's consternation, while a false accusation and wrongful arrest of Hector leads to a multilayered corruption probe used as fodder for their nightly news program. The followup series of "The Hour" is an artificial, self-important bit of faux artistry compounded by the fact that it is an absolute and dreadful bore. After slogging my way through what is a relatively short but inexplicably interminable season, I have no intention of tuning in for the next series of broadcasts.
0 Stars

Season 1
During the midst of the Suez Crisis, an irascible young reporter (Ben Whishaw) investigates the curious suicide of a childhood chum, while his friend and colleague (Romola Garai) makes the preparations for her new news program, which features a charming cad (Dominic West) who comes up short when it comes to investigative journalistic ability. "The Hour" is a remarkably photographed historical drama created by Abi Morgan, which is clearly inspired by "Mad Men" and that series' historically particular sensibilities. Garai contributes fine work as the balancing point between two very different men: West who is excellent, and Whishaw who is mostly excellent, but can be hard to stomach at points. Despite the fine elements the series has to offer, it feels awfully slight in terms of plot, and you often get the feeling the creators believe they are providing a much more intriguing chronicle than they actually are.
** 1/2