Wednesday, May 30, 2012


A TV directer living a devoid life and seeking other arenas of sexual stimulation finds it following a serious car crash which leaves him severely injured. Meeting a man posing as a hospital photographer, the director and his likewise dissatisfied wife are led to an underworld comprised of people who attain arousal through their experiences with automobile accidents. David Cronenberg's controversial 1996 film (not to be confused with the 2005 Best Picture winner) is an alternately fascinating and dull look as sexual deviancy where the material is not as lurid nor sexy as one would expect. The cast, which includes James Spader, Holly Hunter, and Elias Koteas asssume risky roles, ignite the screen during the more intriguing scenes, and help propel the film during duller stretches. "Crash" is neither incendiary nor provocative, things one would expect of a film with its reputation and NC-17 rating. It is, however, somewhat successful in its brooding, laconic way.