Friday, March 2, 2012


German director Wim Wenders had been collaborating on a dance film with famed choreographer Pina Bausch when she passed away in 2009. In tribute, Wenders fashioned a 3D performance documentary of Bausch's finest work where her stunning and innovative choreography is shown both on the stage and in the streets of Wuppertal, where her dance troupe hails from. Pina's work is different and exciting, and Wenders' stellar direction adds a level of interest to the film, particularly the scenes high up in Wuppertal Schwebebahn Monorail. However, we are only witnessing the art and learn very little about the artist herself, accept of her accolades in the brief testimonials from her dancers before each set piece. The 3D does not enhance the film much either. "Pina" is a dazzling film that I wish would have told us a little more about its fascinating subject.