Sunday, April 6, 2014

National Velvet

A bitter ex-jockey wanders the English countryside and is taken in as a farmhand by a family whom he soon plans to rob, but has his heart softened by their kind and indomitable horse loving daughter. After winning a wild stallion in an auction, the two train it to race and enter the powerful beast in the Grand National, with the young girl disguised as a male jockey. "National Velvet" is a gorgeous, sumptuous, and moving family spectacle. From overlooked director Clarence Brown, the film offered a young Elizabeth Taylor her first starring role in which she succeeds swimmingly, with Mickey Rooney starring opposite and providing an equally commanding performance. Supporters Donald Crisp and Oscar winning Anne Revere are delightful as Taylor's parents and the film is brimming with wonderful visuals, engaging scenes, and a whirlwind closing race. "National Velvet" is a family film of great entertainment and earned sentiment, the likes of which are virtually extinct today.