Thursday, November 10, 2011


A malevolent and rotund gold obsessed Dutchman has hatched a treacherous scheme to infiltrate Fort Knox and contaminate the U.S.'s gold reserve, thus increasing the net worth of his own gold supply. Now 007 must battle Oddjob, a short statured hat throwing Mongolian and Pussy Galore, a sensuous and wicked pilot. "Goldfinger" is a wonderful blend of camp, sex, and thrills and so far the pinnacle of the Bond series. The amount of gadgetry, treachery, and provocativeness is enough to pack two films and many of the hallmarks of the series are present here. Sean Connery is still a lot of fun also, and seems to be comfortable in the role. I also really admired the zany end to this film, especially the 2nd ending aboard the president's private jet. "Goldfinger" is a prime recipe for to successfully blend all the elements of a Bond film.