Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All Good Things

Reviews and synopses have been too revealing with what this story is about. Without giving away too much we follow a young couple in the late 1970s as their relationship peaks and then deteriorates at the same time the man is on trial for a crime in the early 2000s. As I type that vague description and think of what I left out, I can understand while others have been more revealing, but like all films, I feel the less said the better. All Good Things contains a twisted performance from Ryan Gosling in the lead, as he disappears into the role of the entitled and tortured David Marks. Kirsten Dunst is at the top of her game as Marks' naive wife. Frank Langella offers welcomed supporting work as Marks's disapproving father. Although this "trashy" material could have been relegated to the Lifetime Network and is elevated by the performances and the direction by Andrew Jarecki, there is still not enough substance to sustain the entire picture.