Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The House of Steinbrenner

The House of Steinbrenner opens with the last year's Yankee World Series victory and the documentary comes off at first as a Yankee love fest, likely to sicken most baseball fans. However, as the transition from the old Yankee Stadium to the new one and the change in management from George Steinbrenner to his children is explored, we get a sense of the history and current state of the undeniably great organization. George, who died earlier this year, appears in stock interviews and I was impressed by his honesty about himself and how he seemed to be a grounded person. Interviews with his son Hal, whom he passed the torch to and has received criticism, reveals a less fiery yet still disciplined nature. Through interviews with fans, players, and media we get a sense of what the team means to a city, and how important baseball is to all of us.