Sunday, August 22, 2010

This Is Spinal Tap

I would describe This is Spinal Tap as more amusing than hilarious, but it still should be recognized as an influential forerunner of the mockumentary, a genre that has been mastered by many of the participants in this film. Here director Rob Reiner, as director Marty DiBergi chronicles Spinal Tap, the world’s loudest band, and their latest tour. The film functions as a rock concert film parody, as the bumbling members of the band are interviewed interspersed with (fake) concert footage and other hijinks. Michael McKeon as David St. Hubbins, Christopher Guest as Nigel Tufnel, and Harry Shearer as Derek Smalls are ideal in their roles as members of the band. The film contains such classic moments as the cause of death for the band’s numerous drummers, the story behind McKeon’s name, and the amp that goes to 11. Despite some slow patches, the film earns its iconic and cult status.