Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 2010 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Animated

The animated shorts segment was a lot of fun. Not only were the Oscar nominated shorts shown, but three other excellent were added as filler. Some of these shorts are actually available on YouTube and I have included links where those are available. Check 'em out there a lot of fun. Here's my reviews of all the shorts shown.
French Roast
The misadventures of a snooty French businessman who loses his wallet in a cafe. Nice computer animation along with a simple story. ***
The Lady And The Reaper
Death and a doctor battle over an elderly, lonely widow's life. Again, very nice computer animation. ***
A Matter Of Loaf And Death
Wallace and Gromit are bakers in the midst of a serial killing spree targeting bakers. Wonderfully animated and witty short. ****
Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
A demented grandmother tells her granddaughter her own version of Sleeping Beauty. Nice blend of computer and hand-drawn animation, but the story doesn't quite come off. **1/2
Partly Cloudy
Tale shows where storks get babies from and we are introduced to a stork who has to deliver the most dangerous animal babies. Pixar short that played before Up was not nominated for an Oscar, but is very rich and nicely executed. ***1/2
Chaos ensues on a train when a conductor becomes distracted and an underling takes over. This hand-drawn film was not nominated for an Oscar, but is very imaginative. ***
The Kinematograph
An elderly inventor in the late 19th century struggles to invent a color film movie camera to film his sickly wife before she dies. Not nominated for an award, but it should have been. Superb computer animation is well told and moving. ****
In an L.A. where everyone and everything is a corporate logo, two Michelin Men police pursue a fugitive Ronald McDonald. Vulgar short resembles a Grand Theft Auto game and isn't particularly appealing. **