Sunday, March 27, 2011

35 Shots of Rum

Director Claire Denis's 2008 film 35 Shots of Rum has been compared to an Ozu film and I think that's a good association. Her film is reflective, passive, and observant. It is not marked by action, high drama, or plot developments. It tells the story of a young woman living with her widowed father in an apartment in Paris. Her relationship with a neighbor who is planning a move threatens the tight knit and borderline unhealthy relationship between her and her father. Meanwhile, he seems to be struggling with his impending retirement and is also dealing with a friend who has held strong feelings towards him for a long time. 35 Shots of Rum isn't a difficult movie to sit through. There are some nice visuals and the story passes steadily. Still, I wouldn't recommend it to an impatient viewer, but for someone looking for a poetic, reflective piece of filmmaking to savor, this is just that film.